The Portuguese in Hong Kong and China- Their Beginning, Settlement and Progress to 1949.Volume Two

作者: Barnabas H. M. Koo
ISBN: 9789996510496
語言: 英語
出版年份: 2013年
出版於: 澳門

«Despite a vast literature on the colonial history of Hong Kong, the Portuguese community in the territory has not attracted a great deal of general attention, nor has it been a subject of scholarly pursuit. That's a shame. For this community, sometimes known as the Macanese because of their Macao origins and mixed blood pedigree, has made significant contributions to the life of Hong Kong since this barren rock on the South China Sea, barely two nautical miles from the coast, became a British possession in 1841. The early Macanese came to Hong Kong with the British pioneers, enduring with them the trials and hardships of the early years of the colony as well as sharing with them the labours that laid the foundations for a prosperous Hong Kong, which they called home. With the passage of time, they became well and truly part of Hong Kong, while maintaining close ties with Macao.» - Edmund S. K. Fung, Foundation Professor of Asian Studies University of Western Sydney