It was held on 10 December 2017 a lecture on "The meaning of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's stay in Macau" at the International Institute of Macau (IIM). Taking advantage of the presence in Macau of a delegation from the China´s Academy of Social Sciences, a structure that serves as a think tank for the Central Government, the talk was a joint initiative with the Macau Millennium College and IIM. These three institutions has also signed a cooperation protocol in the field of activities to be organized to promote cultural and academic exchange with institutions in Portugal and the European Union.
It was also presented a book which is already a result of the cooperation between the above mentioned institutions on the interpretation of the revolutionary thinking of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen during his stay in Macau, recently published in Beijing in a bilingual edition, in Portuguese and Chinese, which was distributed through official structures. The Portuguese and English versions of the book were published by the International Institute of Macau.


Lançamento do livro sobre a estada em Macau do Dr. Sun Yat Sen e protocolo de cooperação entre a Academia de Ciências Sociais da China, Instituto Milénio e o IIM