The IIM launches the contest: MY MACAU, MY LOVE which is governed by the present regulation, in the plead to preserve Macau’s uniqueness, to enhance the sense of belonging amongst the citizens, particularly in the younger generation, and to promote the identity concept based on cultural and historical values of Macau.

This contest has the objective to foster the knowledge amongst citizens, especially of the young people, about the heritage assets of Macau and the traditions that shaped Macau’s culture.

For any question or information, please contact IIM (28751727) or visit its homepage at or call the Macao Digital Photography Association (Mr. Yen at 66898686).




Promotional Video

2017 Photography Competition


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Cartaz de Concurso de Fotografias 2017

The representation of Macau in the third edition of the Lusophone Festival in Goa was made on 7 March 2017 at the Central State Library Panjim Goa, through a photo exhibition "Cultural Heritage of Macau" of the International Institute of Macau (IIM).

The photos were exhibited until 9 March 2017, portraying the heritage legacy and the cultural traditions of Macau, from a photograph​ competition of IIM in 2016.

Supported by the Macao Foundation and the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), during the opening ceremony was also presented the recent publications of IIM and showed the last promotional video of MGTO.

A collaboration between IIM and the Lusophone Society of Goa (LSG), this is a mutual collaboration of Goa and Macau.


Photographer in the opening ceremony
E. Cardoso


The opening ceremony of "Birds of Macau" was held on 2 December 2016. The photographies, by Roberto Badaraco were available until 7 December in the Macau Science Centre.


On 23 February 2017, the awarding ceremony of 2016 Young Researcher Award took place at the International Institute of Macau. The award aims to be an incentive to young students, teachers, graduates and creatives to research and further study for the sake of the development of the Macau’s Special Administrative Region’s development – in the strategic sectors of economy and diversification, heritage and identity, applied sciences, and Macau History. The prize, together with a diploma and a monetary award of twenty five thousand Patacas, has been attributed since 2001 and the objective is to stimulate young generations, where its focus is to diversify social intervention, create opportunities and expand the growth of knowledge.

In the current year, through this accomplished competition, the award was given to Loi Wai Cheng, in the area of Social Sciences, a work about “The Impact of Social Support on the Mental Health of the Visually Impaired in Macao”; and Lei Ka Meng, in the area of Applied Sciences, with the work titled “Miniaturized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Platforms for Chemical/ Biological Assays with Customized CMOS Integrated Circuits”. During the session, Secretary-General of IIM, Rufino Ramos, has made an incentive to the participants to dedicate their time in the investigation regarding themes about Macau and contribute as well for social and cultural development. The competition of 2016 was very competitive, with about thirty two works received and analyzed by two academic teachers, Mok Kai Meng and Chan Ka Wai.


For this year, the competition will soon be promoted. Stay tuned!


2016 Young Researcher Award Ceremony of IIM

2016 Young Researcher Award Ceremony of IIM

2016 Young Researcher Award Ceremony of IIM

2016 Young Researcher Award Ceremony of IIM

2016 Young Researcher Award Ceremony of IIM

2016 Young Researcher Award Ceremony of IIM

2016 Young Researcher Award Ceremony of IIM

2016 Young Researcher Award Ceremony of IIM

The cultural session of the International Institute of Macau (IIM) was held on 30 November 2016 in the Macau Science Centre, during the Encontro de Macaenses 2016. Macanese from Macau and diaspora joined this session. New books of IIM was launched and Casa de Macau in Portugal was awarded with the Identity Award of IIM. Thank you all for coming!

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