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Defending firmly the uniqueness of Macau and aiming to reinforce the sense of belonging amongst citizens, particularly the younger ones, and to promote the identity concept based on the historic and cultural values of Macau, the International Institute of Macau (IIM) presents the following rules for this year´s Photography Contest: MY MACAU MY LOVE!

This Contest aims to stimulate the citizen’s knowledge, especially young people, about the heritage, its variety and the traditions that form the culture of Macau.

The Contest must portray views of the city – what is most appreciated by the author – such as historic monuments, buildings; cultural demonstrations (intangible heritage), habits, customs, beliefs, tourists events, popular festivities, traditional and religious from the Chinese, Portuguese and Macanese cultures, etc.







Cartaz 2020

The opening ceremony of "Mae Macau" art exhibition held on 25 November at the Albergue SCM in Macau. The ceremony was represented by Suzie Ferras, coordinator of the exhibition, Jorge Rangel, president of the International Institute of Macau, Vera Leça, representative of the Albergue SCM, Leonardo Xavier, member of the board of the Club Lusitano of California and Paula Carion, member of the board of the Macanese Youth Association (AJM). The exhibition has the duration until 29 November, during the week of the Macanese Communities Reunion.





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The IIM Cultural Session was held on 24 November, included on the Reunion of the Macanese Communities 2019 programme.

Several presentations were made, including “Macanese in Hong Kong – Hong Kong History Museum Project” by Belinda Wong, Director of the Hong Kong History Museum and Francisco da Roza, Honorary Advisor of the Hong Kong Museum.

The Patuá language was highlighted with the presentation “Preserving our Sweet Language of Macau - Patuá”, by the researcher Elisabela Larrea.

Regarding the panel of the present and the future of the Greater Bay Area in Macau, Antonio Monteiro, José Luís Sales Marques and Jorge Valente spoke about the potential and opportunities of the Greater Bay Area for Macau and the Macanese.

The high moment of the session, the IIM Identity Award 2019 was presented to Carlos Marreiros and Víctor Marreiros. Certificates of Merit were awarded to individuals of the Diaspora “Casas” of Macau: Maria Roliz, José Cordeiro, Henrique Manhão, Francisco Xavier Rodrigues, Eduardo Rozário, Yvonne Herrero, Aurea Meyer and Rogério da Luz; Those awarded certificates of recognition were given to the Macau “Casas” in the diaspora, as well as two Macanese associations in Macau, to APIM, the Macanese Association (ADM) and the Macanese Youth Association (AJM).

The session also presented the latest editions published by the IIM, including António P. Jorge da Silva's “The Portuguese Community in Macao - A pictorial history”, editions related to the Greater Bay Area, among history and identity´s issues. The books “O Macaense, Identidade, Cultura e Quotidiano”, was presented by Roberto Carneiro and the story about Pedro José Lobo was presented by his grandson Marco Lobo.


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The recent IIM edition “Greater Bay Area - Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao - The Challenge of the Century for Macao” was launched yesterday at the Macau Military Club. The presentations were made by José Luís Sales Marques, Fernanda Ilhéu, Francisco Leandro and the coordination of the session by Jorge Rangel. The 11 integrated cities in the Greater Bay Area were discussed at a time when Macau faces a huge challenge in this century. The book is a reflection of this important challenge by experts in this area, with independent views of the authors, including the official MSAR Plan in this context, over the coming years.


It was also presented the latest annual magazine published by the IIM “ORIENTE OCIDENTE”.


The session was an IIM initiative, supported by the Macao Military Club and sponsored by the Macau Foundation.






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