Vol. LVI - The Macanese Encontros: Remembrance in Diaspora 'Homecomings'

作者: Mariana Pinto Leitão Pereira
ISBN: 9789996559396
語言: 英語
出版年份: 2019年
出版於: 澳門


First written as a chapter of the book "Memory, Migration and Travel", edited by Sabine Marschall and published in 2018, this book from the Mosaic collection and authored by Mariana Pinto Leitão Pereira informs us about the "homecoming" gatherings - the so-called "Encontros" and "Youth Encontros" - of the disperse Macanese and their descendants, as well as the role of the Macanese migrant associations - known as "Casas de Macau" - in organizing these gatherings and perpetuating remembrances of, and connections to "home".