The International Institute of Macau' s Project

IIM was created to serve the continuity of an identity - Macau' s profound identity - to which it intends to contribute with new ways of projection to the future. Fruit of a complex creation that lasted four centuries, Macau became a metropole of convergencies and ecumenism, of different cultural and religious components. But it was the ability to operate its own cultural creations that allowed Macau to generate a particular identity and to be a factor of civilization. Stage for the biggest exchange phenomenon known in history, between the European and Chinese universes, Macau was one of the pioneer centres of the unit of the world and the universal civilization. Macau's strategical an historical importance comes from its specific role: an open door of universal exchange, Macau has a much bigger dimension than its own small geography.

IIM's creation and its strategic objectives

The International Institute of Macau is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), that fits juridically in the category of collective person with public utility, and that began its activity in June 1999 by organising the "Tribute Conference to Luís de Camões - Universal Poet" for the World Poet Organisation. IIM has its strategy settled over the international promotion of the cultural, social and economical identity of Macau, with the purpose of giving a significant contribution to the development of Macau S.A.R.