The International Institute of Macau (IIM) will put on the digital platforms a series of twenty videos that it had prepared to celebrate the twenty years of the Macao SAR. These videos, with an average duration of about 3 minutes each, portray the state of evolution and progress of Macao in the last twenty years and are spread over different themes, such as the years of Macao SAR, ranging from Heritage to Science, and from Education to the Creative Industry, through Environment and Links to Lusophone Countries.

Initially, they would serve to complement an exhibition of more than 100 photographs that would be shown by several cities in North America, Australia, Brazil and Portugal, as well as demonstrations of Macanese cuisine prepared to take place in some of the cities where the diaspora Macanese community could provide support for its realization, as was done previously during the IIM program for celebrations abroad, for the 10 and 15 years of Macao SAR.

Due to the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the program had to be reformulated and, in addition to showing these videos, exhibitions of that collection of photographs should be held on two digital platforms, one of which is located in China.

This online exhibition will be launched on the 20th of August and can be viewed, for twelve months, through a direct link, from the IIM website and Facebook.

In the meantime, the possibility of producing a video, in Chinese and English, of about 30 minutes, which will be shown on Canadian television channels (both in Greater Toronto and British Columbia), and which will be also introduced on digital platforms.

Depending on the conditions and the evolution of the outbreak of the viral epidemic, IIM expects to still be able to carry out a physical exhibition in Hong Kong, with the collaboration of the Club Lusitano, as well as hold a show of Macanese cuisine in its recently renovated facilities.

Direct link to access to the online exhibition


Launching video

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