The International Institute of Macau (IIM) is pleased to announce the winners of the Identity Award for the year of 2021, after a decision taken in accordance with the respective regulations, by the jury which are the members of its statutory bodies. 

The Identity Award is awarded ex aequo to Professor Manuel Viseu Basílio and the Associação de Danças e Cantares Portugueses “Macau no Coração”, the first for their relevant research and publication of works related to the collective memory of Macau and the Macanese community. And the second for its continued and much appreciated participation in tourist promotions and festivals, contributing, with its folk music and dances, to the appreciation of the Macao SAR's intangible cultural heritage.

The Identity Award, created in 2002, embodies the most nuclear spirit of the IIM. Consecrated in its vocation and statutory purposes, and is intended to distinguish personalities, individual and collective, who, in the fields of Culture in general, in the Arts, Thought, Anthropology, Legal Sciences and Education and Teaching, have contributed significantly to the substantiation of Macao's identity factors.

Awarded for the first time in 2003, the Identity Award included, among others, figures such as Monsignor Manuel Teixeira, writer and lawyer Henrique de Senna Fernandes, Commander Arnaldo de Oliveira Sales, architect and researcher António Pacheco Jorge da Silva, the architect and artist Carlos Marreiros and the laureate designer Victor Hugo Marreiros, and institutions such as the Diocese of Macau, the Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Macau, the University of Macau, the Casa de Macau in Portugal, the Club Lusitano of Hong Kong, the União Macaense Americana, the Associação Promotora da Instrução dos Macaenses, the Dóci Papiaçám di Macau group, the Portuguese School of Macau, the D. José da Costa Nunes kindergarten and the "Macanese Families" and Macanese Memory Project digital pages.


Premio identidade 2021

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